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I've written a lot of things in my spare time. From poetry, to songs, to short stories and chapters of novels I want to publish one day. Here are a couple samples of some of the work that I've created over the years from course work or personal projects.


CRWR 310

An assignment from my introduction to narrative design course at UBC had us creating an intro cutscene sequence. This cutscene was based off of a narrative design document we worked on throughout the semester.


Character Study

I had created a character years ago for a future game idea that I really wanted to explore the reasons behind why this character acts the way he does. For this exploration, I used a creative writing class at UBC as a means to create a short animation film where I could visualize the beats in Azu's story that shaped him to be who he is. A trickster that doesn't trust humans, who will do anything to make a human stare him in the eyes.


CRWR 310

This is the full final project for my narrative design creative writing course. It is a culmination of world design, character creation, dialogue writing, etc. At the start of the course, we were given a theme and some simple mechanics we had to create a game narrative out of, and this is what I had come up with throughout the course.


CRWR 301

For a poetry creative writing course at UBC, we worked the entire semester in constructing, reiterating and finalizing poems to be added to our year end project which was a book of poems. We had a fun time creating silly or serious poems with various techniques and had the opportunity to present and perform a poem from our chaplet in front of the entire class.


CRWR 309

For a creative writing course at UBC, I wrote this piece for an assignment. As a part of the assignment, we were tasked to create scene cards after the initial submission. These scene cards detailed emotional intention and reactions between characters, and from this we created a revision plan. This piece is what I ended up with after my revisions.


CRWR 309

This is another piece I wrote for a creative writing assignment. It followed the same assignment structure as Fairy Timing, but it had to showcase a scene of action. Again, I made revisions for this piece and implemented them as a part of the final project for the end of the term.

Creative Writing: List
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